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Francesco Gallarotti
3-Sep-2010, 01:47
Are you an expert large format photographer? Do you have years of experience working in a chemical darkroom? Do you like to help other photographers?

If so, I would love if you could help us building a Q&A site for large format photographers on the Stack Exchange Network. The site is in its very first steps of its proposal and needs examples of on-topic and off-topic question. Please come and contribute to help us move forward to the next phase:


In case you don't know the Stack Exchange Network yet, it’s where groups of experts come together to build new Q&A sites that work just like www.stackoverflow.com.

Here you can:
- Get involved in the process. Help sites get off the ground by defining what’s on- and off-topic, recruiting a critical mass of experts, and committing to the site’s success.
Propose new Q&A sites.
- A good Q&A site needs a lot of people to support it, so users are asked to invite their friends and help build the community. Continuous participation is really, really important because each phase of the proposal has different ways of getting involved.

Creating a Stack Exchange site is free. Using a Stack Exchange site is free. The Creative Commons license guarantees that questions and answers are free to access, free to use and re-use (with attribution), and free to share… forever.

Doremus Scudder
4-Sep-2010, 05:04
With all due respect, I find this website (with the possible addition of the the APUG forums) both expert and comprehensive for the subjects you mention. What purpose does starting another forum serve when the resources are already up-and-running?

I'm very happy to both contribute and learn here :-)


Doremus Scudder

Drew Bedo
4-Sep-2010, 11:28
Doormouse:I am of a similar opinion. this website is rich in information specific to LF Photography. The "Photo Dot Net" site is more general but has a LF forum too. Just post a question here and there, and you will get as much information as you can handle ranging from some rough rule-of-thumb to formulae and theory.

Then there are the classicc books by Adams and Simmons.Recomended reading for anyone with a view camera.View Camera Magazine has published resources on Lens es and technique. as well. Except for specific information about new products, all the principles of LF photograsphy are known and published.

The proposed Q&A website seems redundent.

Robert Hughes
8-Sep-2010, 12:56
eh, skip it.

Brian C. Miller
8-Sep-2010, 13:40
Francesco, the link you gave is a 404.

(Drew, could you please use Doremus' proper name? Thanks.)

Now, for the rest of you who aren't willing to follow a link or look at a site.
StackExchange.com is a programmer's site, and it also branches out to cover non-programming stuff. This isn't Francesco's personal for-profit, bigger-than-Google enterpise. From looking at the existing Stack Exchange photography area (http://photo.stackexchange.com/), I think this board is better in both content and design. Stack Exchange's design is way too busy.

I think the main page here could be updated quite a bit, like a Wiki or similar. Good answers are scattered throughout the message database, and it can take a bit of effort to find something, especially when you don't really know what you are looking for and the answer is actually scattered through different posts.

Drew Bedo
9-Sep-2010, 14:48
No offense ment to Doremus Scudder. Failure to use his entire sceen name was an over sight on my part.

I have no interest in contributing to a site for programmers.

Resptful regards to all.