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1-Sep-2010, 13:25

First of all, I want to apologize my english is very bad cause I'm writing from Paris

For a specific work, I need 617 pictures.

My first intention was to rent a fuji 617 or the Linhof Technorama 617. But here, in Paris, I can only find a fuji or Widepan with 90mm lens, and I need at least 105mm

So I'm looking for an other option.

A friend of mine accepts to give me a Linhof Technika with various lenses.

My question is : would it be possible to use the Technika with a 617 back, a rollfilm for example would allow me to use 120 films ?

What could you recommend to use the Technika for panoramic pictures ?

Does the Technika present difficulties for a newbie (sure it does !)

All the best, and thanks for this great forum

Lachlan 717
1-Sep-2010, 13:44
Why not rent the Fuji with the 90mm and crop the image down to 105mm? Not much data/image lost.

1-Sep-2010, 14:17
Thanks for the idea.
I thought about that but don't you think there is also a difference in the angle of view ? I think I would not give the same picture, and I'm afraid of a sort of perspective distorsion with this 90mm
all the best

2-Sep-2010, 00:34

And what do you think about using the Schneider's lenses (a friend of mine can lend me a few lenses he used for his Technika 4*5) with a 617 body (Gaoersi or DaYi)

Would all the lenses fit the 617 body ?
Is there a risk of vignetting ?


Bob Salomon
2-Sep-2010, 02:53
You can't use a 105mm with a Linhof Technorama but the current Linhof Technorama 617 SIII accepts a 72, 90, 110, 180 or a 250mm lens. The first 3; the 72, 90 and 110mm can be used either with or without the shift board for the 617 S III.