View Full Version : Aftermarket Linhof and Sinar lens boards, do you trust it?

1-Sep-2010, 11:56
I will need to remount all my lenses on Linhof (Copal 0, 1) and Sinar (for the larger Copal 3) for Chamonix and Shen Hao cameras. I already have the Linhof adapter for both cameras.
I see on WWW-bay some aftermarket Linhof (centered ones like item # 350153201061) and Sinar boards (like item #200494412125).
Do you try theses boards and trust it? A good advice will be appreciated before buying a large batch (8-10), not expensive but too much if it is crap. Thanks!

Frank Petronio
1-Sep-2010, 13:08
The lensboard opening for a Linhof Technika is very precise and has redundant light traps, so some of the third-party boards don't fit as well on a real Technika. But the wooden field cameras that have adopted Technika-sized lensboards are quite a bit sloppier than a Technika so most of the alternative boards fit fine.

Sinars are pretty simple so long as the thickness is the same they are interchangable.

With a Shen or Chamonix I wouldn't worry about getting original Linhof manufactured boards, after all they are not Linhof cameras....

1-Sep-2010, 13:13
3rd party lens boards sometimes don't fit in the top corners. I had to grind mine with a dremel to make them fit on my technika

Drew Wiley
1-Sep-2010, 13:28
I'd never use a generic aftermarket "Sinar/Horseman" lensbd on an actual Sinar - they
don't fit correctly. Works fine on my Phillips Sinar-compatible field camera, however,
since there aren't precise little corner detents. Generic Technika boards also have
potential problems. I've had good luck with Bromwell boards, but the latest round of
Chinese generic board I got was downright horrible.

Len Eselson
1-Sep-2010, 13:29
These fit my last year's 4X5 Chamonix and are quite a bit less expensive than even used Linhof boards.


Len Eselson

PS no connection etc etc

1-Sep-2010, 13:29
I have used the Jinfinance Sinar --> Technika adapter board and their Technika boards, and I've found them to be a good value, well machined, and just perfect for my needs.

1-Sep-2010, 13:37
I own a Linhof Technika V. I have 1 Linhof #0 board and several Toyo boards. The Toyo boards work just fine on the Technika V.

Lachlan 717
1-Sep-2010, 13:40
I have 6 or 7 lenses mounted. Only one is on a Linhof board. I find no difference with them as all work fine.

I have a lens iris mounted on an after-market Sinar board and I have had a 3.5kg brass lens hung from it. No issue. And the fit is fine.

Just got a new Copal 3 after-market that I'm going to bore out to mount a big Pentac on. I have no doubt it'll be fine.

Ramiro Elena
1-Sep-2010, 13:53
I got a Sinar board from Jimfinance too and had to file it down quite a bit to get it to fit my Norma. Also the aluminum is super hard and thick. Its more like Kriptonite. It works now though :)

1-Sep-2010, 18:52
Thanks to all for your feedback.
I will give them a try on my field cameras.