View Full Version : Phew, finally decide on the Sinar F1 :-)

1-Sep-2010, 08:58
Hey everyone,
thanks a lot for the patience with all my newbie questions over the last couple of weeks. I finally decided on a "mint" Sinar F1 I found at what I consider a very good price: 500$. So, I've got the following:
Sinar F1 (coming soon), 90mm Grandagon N 6.8 (coming soon), film holders, a "darkbag" to put the film in the holders, film, an old, but trusty Pentax Spotmeter V, a Rodenstock 4x loupe, and a sturdy manfrotto tripod. Have I forgotten anything? Oh, and I'm considering getting a 6x7 rollfilm back, and maybe a Rodenstock 55mm or Schneider 58mm, but I'll wait a bit with those. Do you have any ideas for a bag to fit a Sinar F1 into? I'm not really into those old suitcases for the Sinars, I would like a modern bag.

1-Sep-2010, 10:03
Here's what I use. (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showpost.php?p=537841&postcount=41)

Note the link in that post to another post showing my camera packed into this case.

It works well for smooth surfaces, but the wheels are not large enough for off-roading.

Rick "don't forget the focus cloth and the cable releases" Denney

1-Sep-2010, 12:34
Phew, Congrats hnaa.
You'll not be sorry for your choice.
Yes, it could be just little heavier than woody field cameras, but a precision and robust machine you'll get.
Be careful, not to shift to a bigger format soon.
Congratulations again.

1-Sep-2010, 17:06
Good choice! You might consider a wide angle bellows at some point. While the 90mm is certainly usable with the standard bellows, it will be easier with the wide bellows. And get the one with the double pleats, the Model 2. It will be better in case you get wider lenses.