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candy Popp
24-Mar-2002, 10:09
Finally printed off a decent Azo, compared it to the same print on multi-contras t rc paper. BIG difference. The clouds had much more depth, the scene had more depth. After a year of using that multi-contrast definately won't go back to i t for contact printing! It was so frustrating to see places that needed tlc and no way to work around them. Didn't have any really trouble with Azo and Amidol t hough working with fiber paper was interesting to say the least. Perhaps being a woman means I don't squeeze as hard so the whole delicate paper issue most of you speak about wasn't an issue, but wow that curling had me going!!! I did hav e trouble with the toning 2 min in 1:20 going purply brown! It actually is kind of nice, but... Just wanted to say how much this place has helped me over the last year figure out the tough stuff. So Thanks everyone. Anyone know where I c ould get about 10 sheets of grade 3 to give it a try before buying the lot? jul es

Steve Gangi
24-Mar-2002, 11:01
You can get Azo from Dan Smith in grade 2 or grade 3 (I got some from him). He sells it in 8x10 and 4x5, in small enough packages that you won't have to spend a lot all at once.

Jeff Liao
24-Mar-2002, 13:07
hi, i am very new to AZO... some basic questions here..thanks what is the normal dilution of Amidol?....and developing time? Do you guysbuy Amidol in package or buy bulk chemical to mix?



David F. Stein
24-Mar-2002, 13:13
Nothing against Amidol but give Agfa Neutol WA (the warm tone one) a try. Beautful images; more direct process; easier to work with. As Mike Smith notes, development time is also a factor in image colo

Jorge Gasteazoro
24-Mar-2002, 15:33
Did you check Ed Buffaloe's site? he has a good article on Azo printing an toning...

Jeff Liao
24-Mar-2002, 17:08
hi, what is the address of Ed Buffaloe's sit? thanks


Steve Gangi
24-Mar-2002, 17:14
You can also use Ethol LPD for developing Azo. Different dilutions give slightly different tones.

William D. Bartels
24-Mar-2002, 18:03
I second the recomendation for Agfa neutol WA. It gives a very nice print color with Azo. Develop for one minute. I use a very dilute selenium 1/2 oz. to a half gallon for 3 minutes for permanence only no color change. Save the Amidol for negs that need compesating dev. with a water bath.

Jorge Gasteazoro
24-Mar-2002, 20:15
Ed's site is www.unblinkingeye.com ....

Michael A.Smith
24-Mar-2002, 20:18
Glad it worked Jules. You should have received my article "On Printing" with your Azo order. In it I recommend Selenium Toner at 1:128 for 3 minutes at 68 degrees.

Jeff Buckels
25-Mar-2002, 14:43
That Buffaloe site has every formula I've ever seen and a few I haven't. Anyhow, use Michael Smith's amidol formula is the default, as far as I'm concerned. I got nice neutral-tone results from the Fein Forumla also. Get the chemicals in bulk from Artcraft Chemicals.... Regarding the above comment about Neutol WA: I've used this and really have nothing to complain of. It's certainly easier to work with (just add water, y'know). There's something finer about the amidol, though, I'd still insist. I've gotten into a routine where I kind of work up "proofs" with the cheap and easy Neutol WA, then if I think I have a hot image, I pull out the expensive and harder to use amidol and work up the final "fine" (presumably!) print.... BTW, I think you have to selenium tone w/ Michael's formula, but it works very well. Thicker dilutions than recommended by Michael (the intent of which is to get a neutral tone) give a very nice slightly-purplish brown -- actually, one of the best browns I've seen selenium produce (like, as compared to what it does to other papers). -jb

Jeff Buckels
25-Mar-2002, 14:53
Sorry, the web address of Artcraft is artcraftchemicals.com. I have no relationship to them, by the way, other than happy customer. Their prices are a little better than the well-known competition and the service is better. jb

David R Munson
26-Mar-2002, 00:37
I've found Ansco 130 to be an excellent developer for Azo. This combination, when toned in selenium 1:60 for 4 min gives a nice cooler, though not "cold" image.

26-Mar-2002, 01:05
try a phenidone-benzotrizole version of A130 (P130, as I call it). I've had good luck with that giving the most neutral tone possible on warmtone papers, but I havent tried it on Azo. It might give a cold tone even. I'm sure I'd like it more than Neutol WA, which i have tried on Azo but didnt care for all that much