View Full Version : Disposal of PMK Pyro

30-Aug-2010, 06:25
Are there extra precautions I must take or, can I just pour this down the drain like my other chemicals?

30-Aug-2010, 07:18
If you are pouring in small amounts then there is no problem pouring used developer down the drain.

The 'pyrogallol' in PMK comes from boiling galls from Oak trees. Although not used any more, pyrogallol was an ingredient in creams designed for removing spots from the skin - hydroquinone is now used for this purpose.

Mark Sampson
30-Aug-2010, 09:52
Developers, in general, break down very quickly into their non-hazardous components. Fixers should have their silver recovered. I'm sure the most accurate information will be somewhere on Kodak's website.