View Full Version : 105mm circular polarizer

Tony Flora
29-Aug-2010, 18:21
I am researching a circular polarizer hood for my lee filter kit. I already have the B&W 105mm polarizer and the foundation kit with the adapter that allows me to mount it. I would like to add a lens hood that will allow me to use the polarizer and the grads at the same time. The P-105 is an option but is a wide angle hood. I am about to sell my 75mm and upgrade my 90mm to a 4.5 so I don't think I really need a wide angle hood, but please correct me if I am wrong. My real question is does anyone know if the Lee universal hood can also be fitted with the 105mm filter ring adapter to mount the circular polarizer inside the lens hood? the following is from the lee filters faq and I wonder if I am just reading it wrong. I do not see mention of this information anywhere else.


Q. Why canít I use a lens hood with my polarizer ?
A. LEE filters have recently introduced hoods that will take the 105mm screw in polarizer. Both the Universal and Wide Angle Lens Shades now have the option of a polarizer.

Can someone set me straight?