View Full Version : Storage box for non-folding cameras like Shen Hao XPO?

Larry H-L
29-Aug-2010, 16:04
What kind of box or storage container / wrap are you non-folding view camera owners using?

I just got my first non-folding camera (XPO) and feel like it needs some sort of box or cover before it goes into the larger camera case.

Any suggestions?

The XPO measures about 10 x 11 x 6 inches.

Thanks, Larry

29-Aug-2010, 17:14
It appears to be a copy of the Ebony design, such as the 45SU. I have a 45SU and use the C00894 case from Photo backpacker: http://www.photobackpacker.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=RPT&Product_Code=C00894&Category_Code=RPT01
which won't fit the XPO, but the next larger size, the 9105, might.

It fits perfectly in there, nice and snug and protected.

Larry H-L
30-Aug-2010, 05:56
Thank you Drew, exactly what I was looking for!

Larry H-L
10-Sep-2010, 12:58
Following up for others who may be looking for a case for the new non-folding Shen Hao 4x5 XPO: the Photobackpacker case # C09105 that Drew mentions above, does indeed fit perfectly.

Bruce at Photobackpacker was also very helpful. Thanks to both.

10-Sep-2010, 14:58
I have the photobackpacker for my Shen Hao and it works great! I also have some of the individual boxes for lenses and they do the job too! No complaints at all. Highly recommended!