View Full Version : Lubricant for my Arca Swiss?

29-Apr-2002, 00:16
What would be the correct lubricant fo my Arca Swiss F? The front tilt is a lit tle stiff

Julio Fernandez
1-May-2002, 22:49
Jesse: the only lubricant I know that works well on aluminum is one with Teflon particles dispersed within a petroleum grease. Regular lubricants do not work on aluminum, I do not know why. Teflon is not new but Teflon lubricants like the above mentioned are relatively new and patented. Do not remember the name of the brand, a google will find it perhaps. Good luck!

3-May-2002, 02:09
Jesse, You'll have to decide which works best for you , but, today while working on a 1955 Grumman Albatross Amphibious airplane, i needed to lube the Dzus fasteners on all the engine cowlings due to the saltwater and elements attacking the metal. I used a clear product in an 11 oz. spray can from Dow Corning #557 Silicone spray lube. it worked great. I buy it from Aviall at 1 800 AVIALL 1. Maybe this product will help with your prob...