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29-Aug-2010, 13:57
I've been shooting with my toyo 45a, but want a way to be able to shoot more images and save a bit on developing costs (I shoot c-41 and when you need to shoot 50-75 images per shoot, the developing costs add up). I was going to switch to MF, and get a fuji 680 gx because I use a lot of tilt when I shoot. Then I got the idea of just putting a roll film back on my Toyo. A Fuji would run about $1200, and I think I can get a decent 105 lens (congo) for about $200, and a back for a couple hundred.

Have any of you had any experience using a roll film back on the Toyo? I understand that there is one from Toyo, though the 69 is a bit rare, and one from Graflex, though people on this forum didn't seem to be too impressed with it as it failed to consistantly keep the film flat.

Thanks for the advice.

Keith Cocker
29-Aug-2010, 14:29
I use a Linhof Super Rolex on my Toyo Field and it works fine for me.

29-Aug-2010, 14:42
Calumet makes a C2N (newer model) in 6x7 and 6x9 versions. It's even 220 friendly. The C2N is inserted like a film holder, not like other designs that requires pulling a back apart to install a rolll film holder. I've only used my 6x7 a few times back when I had a Busch Pressman. It worked well, I just prefer the 6x9 view, so I opted to use one of my old Ikontas.
The 6x7 would allow you more shots than the 6x9 if your format is irrelevant.
While these run $500+ at your favorite online retailers, they're generally dirt cheap on the auction site. Just make sure to get the newer C2N model instead of the older C2 if you go that route.


29-Aug-2010, 15:14
I have a Horseman 6x7 and Toyo 6x9 roll film backs. The Toyo, although heavier and more bulky, is by far the best. If you're planning on doing a lot of shooting with roll film, I recommend investing in a roll film back adaptor which will allow you to compose and shoot without removing the back:


30-Aug-2010, 06:50
Graflex backs have to be put together properly, and too often when they are sold these days they are using inserts of a different vintage from the shell, or with other problems.

The Horseman and Wista 6x9 backs require the Graflok/International back and you must remove the ground glass to use them. Ditto the Linhof models. But they are all well made and functional (Linhof probably the best, of course). I own a Wista that works fine.

I also own an MPP 6x9 back that isn't quite as useful as the Wista, but it is functional. It also uses the Graflok back.

Sinar has made a range of slide-in foll-film holders, including one in 6x9 and several multi-format models (the Vario and the Zoom, both in a couple of versions). If not worn out, these are really excellent and do not require removing the ground glass. For the price of these on the used market--basically pennies on the dollar--I would prefer them to the Calumet slide-in models.

The Shen-Hao 6x12 back can be masked down to 6x9, but I have never tried it. It is a red-window back and will only work with 120 film, but it should work fine even with the mask. I have used mine only for 6x12 without the mask. That's a cheap entry point if you are compelled to buy new stuff. It uses the Graflok back.

Rick "who has a collection of these" Denney

30-Aug-2010, 06:59
... and one from Graflex, though people on this forum didn't seem to be too impressed with it as it failed to consistantly keep the film flat.

I don't consider this to be a very good generalization. Graflex backs are like any other piece of photo gear - you need to know how it works and when you have a good one. I am not the only one here who has had good experience with Graflex backs.

Jeff Keller
30-Aug-2010, 11:24
Thank you cdholden for the link to the instructions. I just got a used Cambo holder without instructions. Now I know to turn the knob twice for 220 film.
Jeff Keller

richard brown
30-Aug-2010, 22:11
I have a Toyo 45A that i got 20+ years ago and at that time, i was fortunate to find the toyo sliding back for roll films... two models were made, one taking mamiya press backs and the other graphic ones...i got the mamiya and found three fine backs.. two are 6x9 and one 6x7. There is a 6x9 ground glass and when you press a button it slides over to put the film back in place...and a built in dark slide makes it unnecessary to use the one in the roll film back. While it is heavy, the mamiya produces edge to edge sharpness that is excellent! Since then i have purchased the very fine horseman roll film backs (all 3 formats>6x12) which are a little lighter and I am getting older for those high mountain hikes. It is great to be able to use all my lenses for the different perspectives.
If you are interested in the sliding back and mamiya backs, let me know and i can send photos and figure out a super price. Maybe it is time to clean out the spare room. I am in Alberta Canada and can mail....
Cheers, Richard Brown

31-Aug-2010, 05:55
Sent you a private message.