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28-Aug-2010, 20:46
I have a large format camera that I located amongst my father's things. It is a Linhof Munchen (marked "No. 5113"). It has two other markings on the top of the camera. One is "D.R.P"; the other is "D.R.G.M" I wasn't able to locate any other markings, such as a serial number.

It's a very neat old camera; I remember my father taking pictures of my brother and I with it in the early 60's; it looks much older than that. I am interested in knowing more about this camera and what it's value might be. I am digital photographer (purely a hobby) and know nothing about this type of camera.

Thank you,

Bob Salomon
29-Aug-2010, 04:47
5113 is the serial number. D.R.P. means it is patented. 5113 would be a 4x5 Linhof Technika III from 1947.

29-Aug-2010, 19:14
Bob, thank you very much. You have been very helpful.