View Full Version : Filter Holder for 58mm SA XL?

23-Mar-2002, 22:43
Hi all,

I'm going to get a 58mm Super Angulon XL soon and I was wondering what filter holder options are out there.

I'm going to be shooting 95% infrared, and some of those slim glass IR filters are spendy!

I heard about the "Gel Snap" by Lee--has anyone tried this?

Any suggestions?



John Kasaian
23-Mar-2002, 23:02
Jon, I've got a Lee gel snap filter holder and it has worked fine for me. I've got the 4"x4" model and use the cardboard frames Calumet sells to prolong the life of my polyester filters. So far, no complaints, though a lot of people seem to be using a compendium bellows type lens shade with a slot for gel filters. I don't know but vignetteing(?) might be a problem for you if you want to go the compendium route. Other folks probably can give you good advice. As far as the gel snap goes, I like mine. Eat fresh broccoli and save those big rubber bands the heads come bound with, you can use them as spares in case the one on the gel snap breaks. The original rubber band on my gel snap is four years old and still works good, but its always nice to have a spare. Good luck!

23-Mar-2002, 23:23
Hi John,

Thanks for the response. What lenses have you used the Gel Snap on? Anything as wide as the 58mm?



John Kasaian
23-Mar-2002, 23:39
Jon, I use the gel snap on a 14" Commercial Ektar. Lee makes 3"x3" gel snap holders too. I don't know which would fit your lens better, but 3"x3" filters are alot cheaper than the 4"x4" Good Luck!

Tom Westbrook
25-Mar-2002, 10:47
I use one of the gel snap holders. With the 4x4 size, the max lens outside diameter is 85mm (which is the size of the hole in the center of the holder). The main problem with it is that it can send vibrations to the camera since it's held onto the lens with a rubber band. If there's any wind at all the holder wiggles around quite a bit. If you use an umbrella or other wind deflector, it won't be too bad. It is _much_ cheaper than the Lee screw-on type, though. One nice thing about it is that you can slide it back & forth on the lens to try to control any vignetting that might ocurr. It doesn't have any projections in the front, so vignetting shouldn't be too much of a problem. It also will not handle anything other than the 4x4 square filters.

Hope that Helps Tom

John Kasaian
27-Mar-2002, 18:13
FWIW, if wind is a problem, and enough of your lens protrudes behind the lensboard, try mounting your gel snap behind the lens. Cheers!

27-Mar-2002, 23:37
Hi Tom,

I'll give it a try--I hope it doesn't tun into a sail and go flying off... :)


That is a good idea. I didn't thing there would be enough room in the Technikardan with the 58mm--the standards are very close. But I took out the WA bellows and looked and it appears that there is enough room.