View Full Version : E6 temp control for us in Europe?

28-Aug-2010, 07:03
Look: http://www.lamarlamb.com/On-Film/Technical-Stuff/Developing-Slides/13127177_PneAp#948545316_6Nkei

Real cheapo solution from Walmart.
Now, this isn't available anywhere I can get it, and importing the US (110V) one is unfeasible.

Anyone know of a similar product available in Europe that runs on 230V? I have very dodgy temperature control for my E6 processing... :)

28-Aug-2010, 11:31
Haha, why didn't I think of that?

But are they really that hard to find in Europe? Will none of these do?

30-Aug-2010, 07:03
Thanks! I just needed a name for it, I guess.
I'm so getting one of those. :)