View Full Version : BTZS focus hood and Protar f/18

john wilton
27-Aug-2010, 23:08
Have run into a snag with the BTZS hood. Working on a sunny day in the sun, a glimpse of the sunlit plasticized white side as I put my head inside the tube can make it very hard to properly see the dim Protar V image on the groundglass once inside. (Because of the retinal afterimage.)

If I turn it inside out there is still a wide white band (the hem).

Is it possible to dye the slick plasticky/polyester white side a darker color? Any suggestions?

Jim Noel
28-Aug-2010, 09:12
That is why I threw mine away and use a good quality black t-shirt. The neck of an extra large fits around the ground glass and light is blocked from all sides. I have had my students doing the same for over 20 years.