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Bruce Thomas
27-Aug-2010, 18:34
Hi all,

Just took delivery of a Signal Corps Technical Manual TM 11-401 (Dec 1953) and it mentions on p42:

' The latest procurement in this category* (* of 4x5 press type cameras) is the KE-9, Busch Pressman, specifically modified for military requirements. It is generally similar to the PH-47, Speed Graphic, but incorporates such features as a self-capping 1/30- to 1/1000-second focal plane shutter, an optical viewfinder with automatic parallex correction, and a coincident rangefinder with separate focus knob for wide-angle lens.'

So...has anyone heard of this camera? Seen one of these cameras?? Have one of these cameras??? A 4x5 Busch Pressman with focal plane shutter????

I'm guessing that despite the word 'procurement' this camera never materialised and the replacement for the Signal Corps Speed Graphic PH-47-J (the first OD green Speed Graphic, a 1949 Pacemaker model) was the Speed Graphic KE-12(1), a 1954 Pacemaker Speed Graphic with no body shutter release and a simplified Graflok back.

If any ex-Signal Corps photogs, historians or owners have any info on the KE-9 Busch Pressman please let me know.

Many thanks :)
Bruce Thomas

Ernest Purdum
28-Aug-2010, 11:47
It sounds similar to the Beseler military 4X5 cameras which at least actually exist, though probably there never were many of them.

Bruce Thomas
28-Aug-2010, 20:46
Hi Ernest,

Yes, I have a full Beseler 4x5 Air Force C-6 outfit, the case ironically packed with Graflex accessories (flashes, film holders, etc) as Beseler could only supply the cameras. Like so many of them the focal plane shutter on mine has quit too.