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Rafeeq Ellias
22-Dec-1997, 09:23
Dear Friend: I am writing to you from thousands of miles away in India to saytha nk you for the invaluable information you provide. I have just purchased a used Linhof Master Technika and have some questions. I would deeply appreciate any su ggestions/information/etc. They are as follows:

1. My bellows are torn so I ordered a new set from Linhof in Honh Kong (a whoppi ng US $ 280/- approx; is that an okay price?). What sort of a bond do you sugge st I use to fix it? SuperGlue? Araldite by Ciba Geigy? Please suggest a generic bond, as a specific brand may not be available here? Do you think replacing the bellws by myself is reasonably safe or do I need a technician? Any alerts, tips?

2. Does anybody have a current Linhof Master Technika 4X5 instruction manual tha t I can download?

3. Does the 150 mm Linhof-Schneider lens come with a front cap? Is it essential to have a front cap on before closing the camera?

4. Is a Linhof roll film back distinctly superior and in what way?

5. Does anybody have for sale anywhere in the world and especially in the United States (which I expect to visit shortly) the following used Linhof Master Techn ika equipment in mint condition:

A. Linhof Schneider 90mm and 250 mm lenses with matched rangefinder coupling an d compur or prontor shutters B. Lens caps for above plus lens cap for 150 mm Linhof Schneider standard lens C. Linhof TechnoRollex 6X12 roll film back and 6X12 mask for the optical finder D. 4X5 mask for optical finder E. A suggestion for a good private repair service in the United States to clean the optical finder and the 150 mm lens and to generally check the camera out

Many, many thanks again for all your help in the past, present and future! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you at this end of the world.


Darron Spohn
22-Dec-1997, 14:08
If you're going to be in the San Francisco Bay Area, try Seawood Photo. I was th ere a little over a week ago and they had a Linhof Schneider 90mm lens for $450 US. Their web site is http://www.seawood.com. They usually have a good selection of Linhof equipment, as well as other goodies.