View Full Version : searching for crown infinity stops

ret wisner
25-Aug-2010, 15:43
looking for some help in finding infinity stops, i have a need to find two pairs.

if anyone can point me in the right direction id be most grateful


Brian Stein
25-Aug-2010, 18:09
There is a seller on ebay who seems to regularly have crown/speed bits up for sale. I bought a back off them once but no other affiliation.

25-Aug-2010, 20:39
i got a set from ebay too.. is a pin to fit them tho cos the vernier scale has to come off.

Claude Sapp
25-Aug-2010, 20:44
Fred Lustig lives here in Reno and has all sorts of parts. He lives a few miles from me, and I last spoke with him last year. For the life of me I can't find his phone number, but you might try a search. If I find it I will post.