View Full Version : Using a Lens Hood with Lee 100mm push-on F. Holder FK100

Paul Chaplo
28-Apr-2002, 16:51
I use a Horseman 45LE and shoot 4x5. After sifting through the archives, I decid ed to buy the Lee FK100 filter holder as I already use Hi-Tech, Optiflex, and Le e 100x100mm filters. The FK100 can fit over the outside of a SA 90mm XL and SS X L 150mm XL barrels -- although sans c.filter. My question: is there a lens hood that I can use on the FK100 with these large-front optic & sometimes wide angle lenses? (FYI, I also shoot with a SA XL 58mm, with a Hi-Tech holder and adapter ring, and would also use the hood on that lens). (I see that there is a Lee Wide Angle compendium style hood availble w/ & w/o additional slots -- but I cant fi nd dimensions for the rear ring on the hood; it may be *too small*?). Also, I wo nder if the hood with the additional slots wll push the hood further from the le ns and make it more prone to vignetting. I'm open to alternative solutions & hav e foamcore & black tape on hand ;-) I also have a standard bellows that I dont u se - could become a l.hood. Many Thanks, Paul

Anthony Harrison
29-Apr-2002, 16:21
The Lee WA hoods, like the standard types, don't have a "rear ring" - they have clips that fit into the front slot on Lee holders, including the push-on type you have. That WA hood looks very wide indeed, and though you'd have to try it yourself, I would guess it should be fine with the lenses you describe. Trouble is, it's fiendishly expensive, even more so than the push-on holder, which I am thinking of getting myself to fit over my (unthreaded) Rodenstock centre filter. Lee stuff is excellent quality of course, arguably the best, but it's hard to justify the cost of the non-optical bits such as holders & hoods.