View Full Version : Difference between the Shen Hao TFC617-A and B versions?

24-Aug-2010, 05:22
Does anyone know the differences between these 2? I emailed the 3c-store from ebay and he's telling me these are 2 different cameras in the links below...and that the factory no longer makes the B version. Notice the price difference, that's the only thing I see different haha. For you guys with the Shen-Hao 617, which version do you guys have? And did any of you order from this company on ebay?


"B" Apparently

Any information is greatly appreciated.


Alan L
24-Aug-2010, 06:36
It is basically the same camera. The only difference is the bellows extension is longer for the A version. I have the TFC617-A version. Let me know or PM me if you need more information.


Lachlan 717
24-Aug-2010, 13:42
Make sure you get the one with the longer draw (approx 310mm on mine).

I use a 72mm on it with no issues (widest lens that'll cover its width), including movements, and it easily fits into my pack, so why bother with the shorter draw? Weight difference will be trivial as well (I carry 4 or 5 lenses, so who cares about another few grams?)

15-Nov-2011, 15:41
Are you sure this is the case? According to their website, the -B actually accommodates longer lenses by 10mm


19-Nov-2011, 11:58
Just got this back from Shen Hao directly, so it looks like the -B version has a longer extension AND is smaller.

Dear Sir,
The TFC617-B is the improved model of TFC617-A, more compact, the bellow extension is 70-320mm now. Badger has the same model, I will remind them to correct the measurements.
TFC617-BE is a model made of ebony, more elegant, more sophisticated, and more valuable; but they share the same attributes with TFC617-B.