View Full Version : Repair Source for Toyo Roll Film Holder?

Andre Noble
21-Aug-2010, 21:41

Can anyone recommend a good repair person in the United States (other than Mamiya America Corporation) for a 6x9 Toyo Roll Film Holder:


The problem is an intermittent failure of the internal film winding gears to engage.

So sometimes, when I advance the film level, nothing happens: Film doesn't advance. Film counter doesn't advance. Ratcheting action can not be heard.

In comparison, when the internal film gears are engaged, the winding is sure and firm, ratcheting action can be heard, film counter advances appropriately.

There is no gear slippage. The back either works perfectly when film advance level moved forward - or film does not advance at all. There is no mid-winding gear slippage.

I bought the back in excellent used condition about 5 years ago. It worked fine under very light use until recently.

I phone Mamiya, and they hemmed and hawwed about it being a DISCONTINUED item, unsure of spare parts, etc.

Nevertheless, If they return it "unrepairable", I feel a competent camera repair person can open it and tighten it up, replace spring(s), and lube and it will be as good as new.

By the way, new these Toyo Roll Film backs have double in price. They are really sweet when they work properly.

Thanks in advance (pun intended)


Paul Bujak
22-Aug-2010, 13:52
WOW! I don't think my car is worth that much. :eek: They must be hand-made to order.

Andre Noble
8-Sep-2010, 19:17
I sent it into Mamiya America afterall.

They de-greased the springs, replacing the pawls, and proper lubricated.

Final cost $100 + $15 shipping. Seems a bargain considering how nice these things are, and how much a new one costs.