View Full Version : Argyle 14 table top camera info?

21-Aug-2010, 21:11
Hi All,
My first post here. I've been searching around for a place that would understand what the heck I was talking about when I said Arygle 14 table top camera. Hopefully, this is the place.

Anyway, I have an Argyle 14 that is in darn near pristine condition. I personally used it for several years. I purchased it new for a school where I taught graphic arts. I used it there for less than 2 years. After the school tanked, I bought all of the dark room equipment from the school and used it in my own dark room for a couple of years. It was clean regularly and treated with kid gloves.

Long story longer, I no longer have a dark room in my business and I have this beautiful camera (along with a diffusion transfer processor and an old, perfect working, vacuum frame) stored in the back of my shop taking up space.

Is there anyone out there that would still need/want a camera like this? Is there a market place or classified area for people looking to purchase something like this? I would like to sell it and get the space in my shop back.

Before I get flamed, I have not had time to search through every post and comment on this site yet, so please don't bust my grapes if there is a 5 year old post about this subject somewhere on here that I haven't seen.

Drop me a note back if you can help. I appreciate your time.



Mark Woods
21-Aug-2010, 21:48
Where are you?

22-Aug-2010, 22:43
Where are you?

Seriously! This things are way to big to easily ship, so I'm assuming you'd be dealing with a local buyer...

gary alessi
29-Aug-2010, 17:55
am wondering if you still have it?...and what lens is on it?... if a 210 computar, or kowa is on it, i would like to buy the lens?. gary alessi

31-Aug-2010, 12:29
Hi Everyone. Haven't been around here for a couple of days and I didn't realize I'd had replies.

I am in Central illinois, Bloomington area. The lens is a Rodenstock. I'm not interested in tearing it apart. I'm only selling it intact.

I understand that it is too big to ship, but I'm willing to load it up and drive it halfway (within reason) if someone wants to pay for it.

9-Sep-2010, 19:59
Still looking for someone who can use this beautiful camera. If you are within driving distance of Central Illinois, I'll meet you halfway.