View Full Version : Is is safe to import film from another country?

21-Aug-2010, 11:37
I would like to purchase some film from another country. However, I am wondering whether it is safe to do so due to the potential of the film to be exposed to the customs xray machines etc. Could someone advise me is the film going to be ok f I import it or will it be affected by the customs screens? If so, what is the best way to import film?

21-Aug-2010, 12:27
I think this thread will contain a lot of "I imported film without any problems". Id be one of those, having bought and used various types of film from Germany, China, Vietnam and America without any trouble.

It will be interesting to see if anyone has ever had a bad experience with imported film (excluding those who put it in their checked in baggage :) ).

21-Aug-2010, 12:34
Importing film is rather normal these days, no issues, just go for it allow for any taxes that might be added, often the values are low enough to mean they don't bother.

Packages are scanned with the same scanners as airline carry on baggage. Only if suspicious do they get separated and go for further more harmful xray scanning, that's highly unlikely.


21-Aug-2010, 12:47
I live in Canada, and I've bought film from the US, several times, all without any troubles. I've also sold film I no longer want here, on the forum, and shipped it locally, to the US, S America, and Europe, and have not had any complaints.
It is always possible to have something go wrong, but all I've talked with haven't had any issues.

David Woods
21-Aug-2010, 13:50
I live in Australia, and import film from the US I have never had an issue, just make sure they mark on the box unexposed film, that way customs know.


21-Aug-2010, 14:24
I've bought film from Europe and had it shipped to me in the USA. The senders have affixed labels indicating the contents to be photo film and "Please Hand Inspect - Do Not X-ray."

I don't really know if this works but over several orders I find that some of the packages appeared to have been opened for inspection. And none of the film that I have used has shown any apparent x-ray damage.

Bob G.

Brian Stein
22-Aug-2010, 02:41
Australian: bought from US, somewhere in china (Shanghai film) several times: no problems.

I am also interested in anyone who has actually *had* problems (apart from some folks in Carribean who I recall had to stop importing film because customs kept opening the boxes and looking at the sheets)