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Louie Powell
21-Aug-2010, 08:03
There are so many posts reflecting concerns about travel that I thought it might be appropriate to report a happy experience.

Wife and I just returned from out annual trip to the Bay Area to visit our son. I took the 4x5 and a DSLR. As usual, I had the 4x5, lenses, holders and meter in a backpack, and a smaller bag with film, changing bag, DSLR, cell phone, etc. I had a box of unexposed film that was sealed with blue painters tape and a big label saying "Open only in total darkness". On the return trip, my exposed film was in boxes (labeled N, N- and N+) that was similarly sealed and labeled.

On the outbound leg, TSA wanted to take a closer look at the backpack - they opened the bag only far enough to stick their wipe-test wand in (ie, they really didn't look at what was inside). It turns out that the small pair of pliers that I carry to help tighten up loose nuts triggered the closer look. The smaller bag didn't get a second look.

On the return from San Jose, everything went through security with absolutely no questions or concerns.

The question of whether I brought back any worthwhile images will have to wait until I can process film. :)