View Full Version : C41 developing

Richard Littlewood
21-Aug-2010, 05:48
Hi all

At some point in the near future I'm planning on processing 5x4 sheets of 100 and 400 colour neg film myself.
I've had experience in c41, but dip and dunk, and 25 years ago. I'm assuming it's all a bit easier now.
I'll be using a cpe2 with the tank that can hold 12 sheets, but I'll only do 8 at a time, like I do with b+w, and I'm looking at the 5L packs of Fuji-Hunt chemicals.
Can I expect decent negs doing this? I'm also interested in hearing from anyone that tweaks the development in any way. I suppose N- and N+ are not possible?
Any comments appreciated.


J. Gilbert Plantinga
21-Aug-2010, 06:15
This is my setup and it works fine. If your reels have the little "wings" there is no reason not to do 12 sheets in the tank, though the motor on my CPE2 seems a little weak with the big tank - I usually use the 2523 tank, but with the max 6 sheets. I have no experience with the Fuji-Hunt chemicals, I've always used the 5L Tetanol kits.