View Full Version : EDTA dissolve in TEA or PG?

Eric Woodbury
20-Aug-2010, 14:02
Will EDTA dissolve in TEA or PG?


Brian Stein
21-Aug-2010, 03:58
My guess: EDTA is sparingly soluble in water in a very pH dependent fashion (see eg http://www.ehow.com/how_6452756_make-edta-solution.html) whereas triethanolamine (I presume that is the TEA you want) dissolves easily in water so this should work *as long as the conditions are right*. PEG ditto, so ditto.

Data: I have had a look around and have not found anything direct. In some of the biochemical literature there are reports of both EDTA-TEA and EDTA-PEG solutions, but i have not got access to the particular articles so cant help more.

Conclusion: yes soluble, but how much and what required to make it so is unclear.

Found a paper using a solution of up to 28 g/l of both EDTA and TEA in a Cu(II) bath ntur.lib.ntu.edu.tw/bitstream/246246/92346/1/04.pdf


Eric Woodbury
21-Aug-2010, 12:42

thanks. Sounds like it is worth a try. It will probably go in the small quantities that I need.


Brian Stein
22-Aug-2010, 19:14
would be interesting to have it 'on record' here, so please let me know

Eric Woodbury
22-Aug-2010, 22:29
I will let you know. EDTA is funny. It's the only chemical I use that sets up hard as a rock in the jar. Well, it is 25 years old. I'll chisel some out and try.