View Full Version : Unusual 5X7 film holder

Jerry Flynn
21-Mar-2002, 18:20
Recently, I bought a 5X7 Sinar Norma rear standard. Along with the standard, I recieved a rather strange film holder-type thing. It looks similar to a septum for a Grafmatic -- it's about that thin -- but it has a dark slide and a felt li ght trap(?). In the center of the inside of the holder is a 4X5 tray with a spri ng-loaded clamp. So, it's made to adapt some kind of 5X7 holder to use 4X5. This cannot be use d directly in a 5X7 in a camera because a) it is smaller than a standard holder and b) it does not have the lip to fit into the groove in the back to make it li ght tight. Anyone know what this was for?

Ole Tjugen
12-Oct-2003, 08:52
It's a plate holder with format reduction insert. The 4x5" glass plate was put in the tray, which was then put in the "half plate" glass plate holder.

Could be a 5x7" plate holde, I guess - they were made in a bewildering number of sizes.

I use 9x12cm plate holders in one of my cameras, with "septums" which the sheet film is placed in. In one of my holders, there was a reduction insert from 9x12 to 6.5x9 cm glass plate. These holders are quite common, but the sheet film adapters are rare - and very sought after.

Bet you had given up waiting for an answer by now ;)