View Full Version : 6x12 cm roll film back from Holga pin hole camera?

Drew Bedo
17-Aug-2010, 12:30
Saw the current line of Holga cameras on the 'Bay and got to wondering . . .Has anyone converted one of the panoramic pinhole bodies to fit into a Graflok back? It looks doable and the Holgas are about $44. the whole thing could be done for <$60 in materials . . . the Horseman backs are ~$600-$800 and the linhoffs . . .

17-Aug-2010, 17:11
If you convert it into a graflok you will have registration problems that you will have to deal with somehow. I did buy one and might convert it to a fixed 65mm if I ever get around to it. As a pinhole it isn't the greatest.

Drew Bedo
19-Aug-2010, 10:24
Has anyone modified a Holga in a similar way?