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Richard Boulware
26-Apr-2002, 13:26
I know that most likely..my chances of obtaining original, silver, Carl Zeiss le ns caps for the 75mm Biogon are slim to none. I wanted to ask just the same....o n the rare chance someone may know of a source. Thanks in advance for any assist ance. Richard Boulware - Denver.

26-Apr-2002, 23:08
SK Grimes can help you out:




Bob Salomon
27-Apr-2002, 04:20
Lens and repro, Ken Hansen, Foto Care, Photo Habitat, Ken Mar, Helix, Central Camera, Glazers, Keeble & Schuchat, Midwest, Adolph Gasser Poto Gizzmmo are places to start.

We should have slip-on Kaiser plastic caps that would fit as long as the diameter is not more then 120mm.

Bob Salomon
27-Apr-2002, 04:21
Also E.P. Levine and Pro Camera.

Neal Shields
27-Apr-2002, 10:37
Try Zeiss DE in Germany. It is sometimes suprising what companies still have in their parts warehouses. They seem to be very good about answering Emails. Good luck!


27-Apr-2002, 13:06
Richard, give Jeff Wheeler a call. He is at Quality Camera, in Atlanta. Advertises in View Camera. He gets around to the camera collector shows, and may be able to locate a set of original Zeiss caps for you. If I remember correctly, they were stamped metal (aluminum?) with black flocking on the inside. A while back, you were asking if the 75 Biogon could really live up to it's fabled reputation.I assume that you now have one. Can you run a comparison test with the modern Grandagons that you have been using? I, for one would like to know your opinion of the Biogon.

Pete Caluori
29-Apr-2002, 13:43
Greetings Richard,

If you want the ultimate in protection, contact Steve Grimes and have him make a set of custom caps. Considering the price of the glass, his caps are cheap. I have not seen a better cap.

Regards, Pete