View Full Version : Minimal Flange Focal Distance for a short telephoto lens

Nigel Sutton
26-Apr-2002, 11:50
Having recently taken the plunge into LF and got an Ebony RSW45 camera I find my self wondering about using a short telephoto lens in the order 250-350mm. I can extend the bellows draw on the camera from 180mm to 210mm with a "top-hat" lens board but wouldn't want to get into extended backs for both expense and portabil ity reasons. I have found the Fuji 300/8 T with an FFD of 195mm and the Nikon 270/6.3 T-ED wi th an FFD of 188mm. My question is, what are my options for cheaper, older, secondhand lenses. I hav e heard that Schneider 270 or 360 Tele-Xenars might fit my requirement but have no actual data. Any ideas?

26-Apr-2002, 13:05
Nigel, I have owned both of these lenses. At the present time, I am using the Fuji 300 f8 tele. I purchased it from Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange as a new lens. The price was very reasonable. The 300 Fuji tele is mounted in a Copal 0 shutter ( very light and compact). The 270 Nikon tele is in a Copal 1 shutter. It is larger and heavier. It,s image circle is slightly smaller than the Fuji. It can be converted to a 360 tele by purchasing the 360 rear element. You should have enough bellows for the 360 on your Ebony. However, Fuji also makes a 400 f8 tele. It is in a Copal 1 shutter. It can also be used on your Ebony. It is less expensive than the Nikon. Check with Jim at Midwest. He may have a used one. He just returned from Japan with a large group of new and used Fuji lenses.

26-Apr-2002, 22:16
Nigel, I assumed that you had the RW45 Ebony (the foldable one with the longer bellows). Evidently your Ebony is the non-folding SW45 with the shorter bellows. You would need the rear extension if you wanted to use those newer type teles with the SW45. The top hat type of lensboard and a long tele lens would probably make the camera front heavy and unstable on the tripod, but it is a viable option if you don't want to use the rear extension.

26-Apr-2002, 23:34
Seriously consider the Wollensak/Graflex 10" f:5.6 Tele-Raptar. They aren't expensive, will cover 5x7, and have a flange/film distance of only about 6".

Colin Carron
27-Apr-2002, 06:45

I use a 270/f5.5 Tele-xenar from c 1950. I would say the color balance is a bit off. Also the Compur shutter #1 whirrs like a wind- up toy on the longer speeds making them a bit shaky. But it is good for brightly lit subjects with good contrast.

When I have saved up a bit I might look for a more modern Tele-Arton.


Colin Carron
27-Apr-2002, 10:20
The flange focal distance at infinity seems to be about 180mm for my Tele-Xenar 270/f5.5.