View Full Version : Minimal Flange Focal Distance for a sort telephoto lens

Nigel Sutton
26-Apr-2002, 11:49
Having recently taken the plunge into LF and got an Ebony RSW45 camera I find my self wondering about using a short telephoto lens in the order 250-350mm. I can extend the bellows draw on the camera from 180mm to 210mm with a "top-hat" lens board but wouldn't want to get into extended backs for both expense and portabil ity reasons. I have found the Fuji 300/8 T with an FFD of 195mm and the Nikon 270/6.3 T-ED wi th an FFD of 188mm. My question is, what are my options for cheaper, older, secondhand lenses. I hav e heard that Schneider 270 or 360 Tele-Xenars might fit my requirement but have no actual data. Any ideas?

Ken Burns
26-Apr-2002, 13:00
I have two old Wollensak teles mounted in shutters that I use on my Tachihara (it has 305mm of bellows draw.) One is a 25o and the other is a 380. The 25o is small and lightweight, the 380 is large and heavy but will work with a lensboard that has a slight extension to accomodate the large shutter.