View Full Version : Landscapers — what’s your 2nd most used lens?

15-Aug-2010, 13:12
So many landscape photographers, so many unique needs – yet if pressed about our most-used lens, a HUGE number of us will say 90, 135, or 150. And all the skilled photographers around here frequently recommend the same lenses to beginners as a first lens.

Let’s add a twist to this question, and have some fun ;) :

What’s your 2nd most used lens, and why? Which one is your best “second stringer”?

Or, imagine you possess only your favorite lens – what would your next lens be?

Yes, of course we know that “it depends,” so let us know what it depends on. Maybe the type of landscape you’re in – desert, forest, seashore – determines what your 2nd most used lens is. Or maybe it depends less on the setting, and more on the angles of view you’d want your two most “popular” lenses to cover.

Very often, my answer is the tiny 150 g-claron – this is principally for less weight, since I climb a lot of mountains where every ounce makes a physical & psychological difference! (My first-stringer 110 would go with me no matter its weight.)

So many ways to answer this question, so let us know more about your personal situation…

eric black
15-Aug-2010, 13:24
I guess a 110 SS-XL would be the first lens I wouldnt go without. I seem to be using a 300mm Nikkor M almost as much though so I guess it would be the one.

15-Aug-2010, 13:37
Schneider 110XL first and then Fuji 240A - I'd really like to use my 150 more but I end up with these two .. after that it's the 150

15-Aug-2010, 13:44
400mm f/5.6 Tele-Xenar. Fantastic lens for concentrating on details in big open landscapes. Really nice for getting close to and isolating details in nearer objects too, like fall leaves on trees.

Jeffrey Sipress
15-Aug-2010, 13:51
I really don't understand the point of this question.

15-Aug-2010, 14:20
400mm f/5.6 Tele-Xenar. Fantastic lens for concentrating on details in big open landscapes. Really nice for getting close to and isolating details in nearer objects too, like fall leaves on trees.

Now this is a common situation in my hikes – After finishing with my 110, I could put a 400mm to great use as a 2nd lens in the mountains.

Even more so than a 65, 75, or 80.

Its weight would be on my mind, but I’ve especially missed its power to isolate nearby details, and keep them within a restricted context. Like the fall leaves you mention, or a mossy log encircled by swirling rapids.

Lachlan 717
15-Aug-2010, 15:31
I really don't understand the point of this question.

I took it as simply the OP trying to decide what to add to his/her single lens set-up.

15-Aug-2010, 15:40
On 8x10, after the FujiW 300/5.6, the next most used is a Graphic Raptar 210mm (barrel), then the 19" RD Artar (barrel).

On 5x7, after the Computar Symmetrigon 210/6.3, the next will be the Wollie Ex Wide 6.25"/12.5 as soon as I get it on the right size board.

On 4x5 I just have the Caltar IIN 150/5.6

Mark Sampson
15-Aug-2010, 16:59
on 4x5- a Nikkor-M 300/9. I'd like to have a 500/11 Nikkor-T but I've done ok without one so far.

15-Aug-2010, 17:26
That's a tough one. Probably the 135?

15-Aug-2010, 18:08
I shoot 150 Nikkor SW on 8x10 and 120 Nikkor SW on 5x7. The other lenses don't get used much.

sun of sand
15-Aug-2010, 18:33
seems everyone menions 210 as 1st or second lens
not one mentioned yet

i use 150 most and 275 next
90 id love to use more but wide expanse of flatland just doesnt fit me esp on 4x5 where the empty skies here dominate
been using it more though

15-Aug-2010, 21:41
On 4x5 for my 1st I tend to flip flop between 65mm Fuji SWD and a 210 Symmar.
I know thats a really wide range but i really love the way the 65 and the 210 looks.
My 2nd is a 150mm Nikkor or a 90mm SA.

For 12x20 my 1st lens is a 355 G Claron and my 2nd is a 480 APO Nikkor.

Maris Rusis
15-Aug-2010, 21:50
On 8x10 first choice is Fujinon-W 300mm f5.6 followed closely by Schneider Super Angulon 121mm f8.

16-Aug-2010, 04:29
i seem to be using a "normal" lens as much as my favorite 1st choice for landscape.

i usually always go for my 90mm on 4x5. but my second choice seems to be 150 or 180mm.....i just got a new to me 180 so i have been carrying it more than the 150....only because it has a better shutter.

16-Aug-2010, 18:22
Based on number of shots for 4X5:
The 1st most used lens for landscape is: 90mm.
The 2nd most used lens for landscape is: 210mm.

Darren H
20-Aug-2010, 05:09
Most used lens for landscapes on 4x5 is my 75mm

Second most used (and by second I mean way distant second) 125mm

My third stringer is a 210mm

The 75mm probably gets 2/3 of my usage

Peter De Smidt
20-Aug-2010, 08:49
My most used lens is a 120mm. (Unfortunately I had to sell my 110 a while ago.) Next up would be one in the 210-240mm range. (If I'm going light, I'll take the 120mm and a 240 f9 Doktor Optic lens. If weight isn't an issue, I'll go 90SA, 120SA, 210 Fuji W, 300 Kowa Graphic, 420 Fujinon L.) Next would be a 300mm, followed by a 90mm. But all this depends on what you're shooting. I don't do much of the "grand western landscape" type of photos. If so, then I'd use the longer lenses much more.

Jim Rhoades
20-Aug-2010, 09:36
I guess I'm weird because it sometimes depends on which camera, not just format I'm using.
4x5 Linhof V #1 240 Germinar, #2 150 Symmar S
4x5 Crown Graphic #1 135 Xenar, #2 203 Ektar
5x7 Dorff. #1 250 Fuji, #2 190 Wollensak
8x10 Dorff. #1 14" Ektar. I also have a 240 Symmar and 159 Wolly that are used so little I offen take them out of the bag to save weight.