View Full Version : Differences between Linhof Master 2000 & 3000?

14-Aug-2010, 22:48

I'm trying to figure out the differences between the Linhof Master Technika 2000 and 3000. I found the specs on the 3000 but not the 2000 for comparison.

Can anyone (Bob from HP?) explain the differences?



Bob Salomon
15-Aug-2010, 02:05
The 3000 has an extra drop bed position so extreme wide angle analog or digital lenses won't be in the image area when the back is vertical. The 3000 also has an improved built-in wide angle focusing system that uses a knob on the outside bottpm of the right side of the camera. The 2000 used a lever in front of the front standard to focus extreme wides. Lastly the back of the 3000 comes off by sliding the 4 metal plates in the corner of the back (visible when back is rotated 45).
The first and the 3rd differences can be added by Linhof Service (Marflex in USA) to earlier Linhof cameras. The reason for the ability to remove the entire back is so you can add the sliding shift adapter, if desired, for shooting digital. Both models accept lenses down to 35mm and will also probably accept the new 32mm digital lens.

The 3000 replaced the 2000 so the 2000 is no longer manufactured.
The Linhof Master Technika Classic is still manufactured and has the built-in rangefinder but does not have the extreme wide angle lenses. It can be modified to accept the sliding back.

15-Aug-2010, 03:36
Thank you sir!