View Full Version : closest focusing with 150 lens. on dayi 6x12

14-Aug-2010, 21:42
Hello Evryone....This is my very first post, and is related to just how close can you focus a 150mm lens on to a subject...i know you can focus a lot closer with this lens on a view camara. i did have a toyoview 45A field camera for over fifteen years, but now i like to use my 6x12 DAYic camera, which has the ground glass focusing screen, also the 6x12 interchangeable backs...the only drawback i have with this camera is you have to use seperate adapters.....with different focal length lenses. which means all these adapters have to use focusing helicoids....i recently got hold of a 150 apo Symmar, and when i tried to focus on the nearest subject, the nearest i could focus on was 4.4meters. which seams to me, a long way off...for closest focusing. i was wondering if anyone out there whom has any type of 6x12 camera, with a 150 lens. to see just how close their 6x12 and 150 lens...are able to focus on.....thank you for looking...kind regards Edward.

Dave Wooten
14-Aug-2010, 22:28
Will your DaYi 6 12 back fit on your toyo, the toyo has an international back?

15-Aug-2010, 01:33
When I had my Cambo Wide DS, I simply stacked two or more extensions to get closer focusing with the 150mm Symmar. I had extensions for the 58mm, 90mm and 150mm lenses. Perhaps you can do the same with the DaYi?