View Full Version : Petzval lens on Linhof Master Technika 3000?

14-Aug-2010, 21:09
I think the answer to this is no, but I wanted to double check.

Are there any issues in using Petzval type lenses with a Linhof Master Technika 3000? I realize you won't be able to fold it up with the lens attached, but any other issues?



14-Aug-2010, 21:56
I have a petzval lens [or two] and an older Linhof Technika [or two] but they aren't attached to each other

I can't see a problem with securing a brass barrel lens like a petzval or rapid rectilinear etc to a Technika board but then you have to shutter it somehow.... my solution for 4x5 was to get a speed graphic. I'm still working on a really good solution for the larger formats.

Bob Salomon
15-Aug-2010, 02:19
There is also the possible issue of not having enough bellows. Why not be more specific, you are asking if a tyupe of lens will fit, yuo are not asking which of that type will fit. There is a big difference. A 105 to a 300mm Apo S can fit but a 360 S and N can't nor a 480 N and they are all the same type of lens.
A 28 mm Digaron can not but 32 to 115mm Wides easily do but a 155mm won't and, again, they are all the same family.

Lastly the size of the rear element will also determine if it fits a Technika. The rear element must fit through the 80mm diameter opening in the front standard. Some lenses with a rear element close to 80mm in diameter will not fit unless a specially modified lens board is made.

So ask specifically for your actual lens and not for the type of lens to get the answer.

15-Aug-2010, 02:50
point taken but if you want the swirlies that everybody's after with their petzvals you want a lens with focal length aprox equal to the diameter of the format ie 6" or 7" focal length on a 4x5 camera [much longer and you have a nice portriat lens but with no swirlies]

at that sort of focal length, you're looking at a barrel diameter of 2 1/2 inches and a collar diameter of about 3" which should be able to go onto a Tech board without "too much" trouble

Frank Petronio
15-Aug-2010, 03:53
And what to do about a shutter? Someone like http://www.lensn2shutter.com/ or SK Grimes might mount it into a big old Acme but then you'd need a special offset board to accommodate the larger shutter. None of this would be cheap and for less money you could purchase an entirely separate and more appropriate camera that uses a Packard or Sinar shutter and didn't have the restrictions of the Technika.

If you stick with a shorter lens, even a $200 Speed Graphic would work... Glue a few thousand dollar bills on the outside and call yourself even ;-)

15-Aug-2010, 04:38
Thanks everyone. Yep, I asked a stupid noobie question. I appreciate your indulgence.


Lachlan 717
15-Aug-2010, 04:51
Do you already own the Linhof?

15-Aug-2010, 04:52
No, I was considering buying one and one of the things I want from LF is to use Petzval type lenses.

15-Aug-2010, 05:17
easy solution:
get the linhof for your modern shuttered lenses and get a speed graphic to shutter the old brass lenses on 4x5. THe speed graphics come up on ebay pretty cheap if you're lucky and they're such robust cameras you'd be unlucky to get a real dud.

a relatively cheap way to shutter an old lens might be to front mount a packard but they may not be very versatile with a wide open petzval

15-Aug-2010, 05:18
Wouldn't it be easier (and cheaper) just to kick the tripod?

Lachlan 717
15-Aug-2010, 05:20
3 cameras that make Barrel lenses easy, accurate and a pleasure to use when you add a Sinar auto shutter:

*Horseman L Series
*Shen Hao XPO

The first 2 are monorail cameras, the last is a non-folding field camera.

All are excellent cameras, and the Sinar shutter lets you use shutter speeds from 8secs to 1/60th. Much more than a Packard...

Oren Grad
15-Aug-2010, 09:10
I have a small Petzval mounted on a Technika-type board, with a Luc shutter on the front. Fits just fine on a Technika.

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