View Full Version : Kodak ektanon 16 3/4" F10 copying lens

Tony Wheeler
14-Aug-2010, 18:12
Can anyone help me. Will this lens cover 5x7 or is it for 8x10. I have a camera that I normally use with 4x5 but I do have a 5x7 back and might be interested in trying 5x7.

Scott Davis
14-Aug-2010, 18:22
That lens should cover anything smaller than 11x14, so you'd be good to go with either 4x5 or 5x7 should you have enough bellows to use it. That's a LONG lens for smaller formats, so I'd be inclined to not try it on anything less than an 8x10 for that reason only. There are very few 4x5 cameras that have enough bellows to use that much closer than infinity, if they can use it at all.

Tony Wheeler
17-Aug-2010, 08:14
Thanks for the info Scott. It's a heavy weight over two pounds. I let it go on the bay. Hopefully someone else can use it.