View Full Version : Fuji Acros in WP??? Colour?

Richard K.
13-Aug-2010, 10:59
OK, I may be hallucinating but I seem to recall that Fuji actually produced Acros in WP format? Or was it half-plate? Hmm, some kind of plate. It would be amazing to get this stuff in WP, great for night shots - I just tried some in 7x11 (from cut in half Acros 11x14) and it's pretty nice!

Related question...there seems to be a few WP users on this forum. Has anyone ever found out if colour (that's color for my vowel-stingy American friends) film is available for WP or can be group ordered? Thanks all.

Oren Grad
13-Aug-2010, 11:47
It's half plate. Dirk Rosler (Japan Exposures) still lists it.

I've never seen any mention of an order for WP color. In principle you could probably get Kodak to do it. In practice, the minimum would probably be frightfully large. Take a peek at the minimums that Keith Canham is quoting for special cuts of 400NC and Ektar in other formats:


Richard K.
13-Aug-2010, 12:00
OK...why HALF-PLATE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Oren Grad
13-Aug-2010, 12:04
Just because. :p ;)

Richard K.
13-Aug-2010, 12:06
Grrrrrrr!!! :>) :)

Oren Grad
13-Aug-2010, 12:10
Actually, if you could follow those boxes of half-plate Acros from the factory to their ultimate destinations, it might lead you to where all the Toyo half-plate metal field cameras have been hiding. :)