View Full Version : 120 macro for landscapes?

Steven Meyers
20-Mar-2002, 23:47
I have a rodenstock 120 Macro that makes outstanding closer type studio images a nd table table still Lifes. I'm getting the urge to go out to the ocean and shoo t some landscapes. Should I even bring this lens? I do like the focal length.Any body body got a feel for how it will perform outdoors for landscapes. I have not shot anything out doors with 4x5 for some time. Steven Meyers

Walter Glover
21-Mar-2002, 07:19

As a rule the image circle of macro lenses is conservative and may, in fact, fall short of full coverage at infinity. Having said that, I got caught out one day shooting a skyline and needed a 120mm lens. The only one at hand was my Makro-Symmar HM 120 so i used it at infinity. It only just covered but was deliciously sharp. (On 4x5 that is)

Walter Glover

Scott Walton
21-Mar-2002, 09:31
I would surely bring it. Then again, I bring all my lens (90mm-360mm) just in case I see something I like. I go out with a general idea of what I'm going to shoot but there are always other things that crop up. Bring it! Cheers

Steven Meyers
22-Mar-2002, 01:21
Thanks, guys! If there is any chance of getting a sharp shot with it, of course I'll bring it and probably use it just to see what it can do! From what I've read about the 110 xl from Schneider I won't want to take that lens of the camera! Steve M.