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mo alam
25-Apr-2002, 14:21
Hello All, I have a Tachihara Field camera and am a novice to LF. I have put some film thr ough it and awaiting results! What I would like to know (for future use perhaps ) is can this camera accept Roll Film Holders? If so, which ones to use? Many thanks for your help.

Mark Sampson
25-Apr-2002, 14:33
The Calumet roll holders will work fine. They slide in like a film holder. IIRC they even make a 6x12 back like this. The "fat" type of roll holders (Linhof, Horseman) are designed for cameras with the International/Graflok removable back and they will not fit on your Tachi. A fine camera btw.

Larry Mendenhall
25-Apr-2002, 15:01
I'll backup Mark on his answer. I have the Calumet C2N 6x12 holder that I got used from B&H. Worked fine in the one roll I've put through my Tachihara so far.

From some of the reviews and comments I've seen on this forum and other websites, I think you'd be better off avoiding the older "C2" holders. The newer C2N holders seem to be better received.

Like you Mo, I just got into LF photography with a Tachihara and 90 and 150 mm lenses. I also have the Kodak Readyloader and I didn't have any problems with the first exposures that I've made with it.

Hope you get some nice shots.


Kenji itoh
2-May-2002, 23:18
Tachihara formally announces in their Japanese website that the roll film holder which fit to Tachihara 45 is TOYO's only. And my friend enjoys 6x7 shooting with Tachihara 45 and TOYO 67/45 folder. 69/45 holder is also availabe.

Matthew Runde
2-May-2002, 23:35

Would you tell us the address of Tachihara's web site? I've been looking for that for a while. Thanks.

mo alam
3-May-2002, 03:54
Kenji, Same request as Matthew's - please let us know the Tachihara website address from which you got your information. Cheers.

Kenji itoh
3-May-2002, 08:39
Hi all,

Tachihara's website URL is as follows.


Please be advised that the website is only in Japanese, and Mr. Tachihara may not accept any e-mail written in other than Japanese.