View Full Version : Just bought a Jobo CPE-2 for 4x5 C41 processing.. Help!

charlie jay
11-Aug-2010, 23:47
Hi everyone,
I have just (accidentally) bought a Jobo CPE-2 off the auction site and don't have a clue how to use it! I have a lot of experience hand processing my own 4x5 black and white sheet film but don't really know where to start on this.. First, i know i need chemicals which should be on there way soon but after that i don't really know what to do..
A couple of questions..

Is it easy?
I have a 2800 tank and a 1520 tank.. what do i need to do 4x5?
Is it relatively cheap?
Can you easily get consistent results?
Are there any known problems i should be aware of that are avoidable/unavoidable?

Thanks for your help,


Phil Hudson
12-Aug-2010, 00:19
Does the processor have a lift attachment? This makes things easier. No drama if it doesn't - use the magnet coupling on the base of the drums instead of the cog lid to attach.

For 5x4 you need an appropriate tank with either magnet or cog plus a 5x4 spiral or two. The 2523 tank takes one 2509n 5x4 spiral (holdes 6 sheets) and the 2553 tanks holds 2 x 2509n spirals (ie 12 sheets at a time). The amount of chemistry to use is printed on the tank.

For the processing set the Jobo speed to "F" or its faster setting (for film processing) and follow the instructions on the chemistry for time and temperature.

Lachlan 717
12-Aug-2010, 00:34
The speed of the processor will need to be tested.

I use mine on 3, rather than F. But that's just what works for me.

It gives very consistant results, but you will need to research your chemicals. Some work much better than others.

Hope that you're as happy with it as I am with mine!

Lachlan 717
12-Aug-2010, 00:36
By the way, the volumes on the tank should be used as a minimum. Consider upping the volume a bit if doing many sheets, or long development times (or both).

Brian C. Miller
12-Aug-2010, 13:35
OK, I have a CPE-2. This is the "economy" model, and rotation speed is on or off. I would say that the speed is actually too fast for sheet film. The temperature indicated on the dial is just a suggestion, so set it using a thermometer and make a mark on the dial.

Glazer's (in Seattle) has the 2509N reels, and I think you should use them manually.

I use both C41 and E6. The first two developers are used with the film in the tank, and the stabilizer is used outside in a dish. Remember, the stabilizer is used in a glass or ceramic bowl, not in the tank. Ever. (good way to gum up a machine)

Beyond that, enjoy the machine! :)