View Full Version : Chamonix 45-N2: a wonderful camera

11-Aug-2010, 09:40
Hello. Let me introduce myself: I am new to the forum, I'm Spanish (from Madrid) and my English is very bad :(
I just received a precious 45-N2 Chamonix, I've been testing and it is incredibly good: it is a wonder. I want to thank Hugo Zhang for his good management and reliability and recommend this camera to anyone who is thinking of buying a field machine, light, well built with high quality materials, large movements, versatile, easy to use, inexpensive and very very very nice.
Now I am the envy of my friends photographers!:D
Greetings. Juan

Robert Fisher
11-Aug-2010, 10:04
Welcome to the forum Juan! I also just received a new 5x8 convertible camera body & holders from Chamonix (via Tiejun in China - viewcamera-cn) and am extremely happy with the quality and service.

David Aimone
11-Aug-2010, 10:04
Congratulations Juan! It is a nice camera. I have mine since April. Enjoy!

Steve Hamley
11-Aug-2010, 10:27
Welcome Juan!

Cheers, Steve

Richard Raymond
11-Aug-2010, 11:00
Bienvenido. Encantado.

11-Aug-2010, 11:17
Welcome Juan to the ranks of happy Chamonix owners


Harley Goldman
11-Aug-2010, 15:27
I have the 45-n1 and love it. Great camera for my needs. Congrats on yours.

11-Aug-2010, 17:22
Are any of your Chamonix backs on the 45n2 really loose from side to side?

11-Aug-2010, 21:03
Are any of your Chamonix backs on the 45n2 really loose from side to side?

You mean the full back or just the GG holder? My back has some play...a millimeter or so when I checked just a minute or so. I would expect that some is needed to allow for changes in temperature and humidity. It should not be an issue unless there is a light leak.


18-Jun-2011, 19:05
You can add me to the list of happy users. Just took my 45-N2 out for the first time. It's a joy to use!!! I recommend this fabulous work of art to any field photographer.:)

David Aimone
18-Jun-2011, 19:41
I have been using mine for over a year now. Still love it. What's not to like?