View Full Version : Super Angulon 90 on Recessed Lensboard

Enrique Vila
20-Mar-2002, 10:37

Just bought a recessed lensboard for my Super Angulon 90, but have just realized that the cable release wont fit because the lensboard gets on the way.

Anyone have had this problem? any recomendations?


paul owen
20-Mar-2002, 10:47
You can buy a cable release adapter that allows you to use a regular release with recessed panels.

David Karp
20-Mar-2002, 13:09

I have seen two adapters of the type Paul mentioned. I use a flexible metal adapter that can be pushed into the recess when you store your lens. The other is a hard metal "L" shaped adapter. Both of them just screw into the shutter release fitting. It sounds like you might have to remove your lens, attach the adapter, and then reattach it.

Lukasz Zandecki
21-Mar-2002, 08:41

I think that you can mount your SA 90mm on a flat lensboard. I'm using a shorter lens, SA 58XL, on a flat lensboard (with horseman LE camera) and I'm able to use all movements which this lens allows. But surely it depends on what camera you use.

best regards


Brian Ellis
21-Mar-2002, 08:55
I use a 90 mm SA with my Linhof Technika without a recessed board and it works fine. The Technika is one of the less wide angle friendly cameras around so if a flat lensboard will work with that camera I'd guess it will work with almost any camera.

Matt Brain
26-Mar-2002, 00:09
I use a 90mm SA on a recessed technika board. There are several factors worth knowing.

First you can just use a flat lensboard. For horizontal images it will be fine. For vertical images about 1-2mm can be seen at the bottom of the groundglass. This can be corrected by a tiny turn of the lens rise knob. Flat technika boards are much cheaper.

The advantage of using a recessed board is that it allows more movements on the technika by keeping the lens closer to the groundglass whilst the front standard is further out. So front shifts and tilts are possible even after the camera back is pulled out considerably - having the camera back out requires the front bed to be dropped.

If your lens has a synchro-compur no.1 shutter you are slightly better off as it has a slightly smaller diameter than copal 1 shutters. This means that just having a screw in shutter cord adaptor may be fine. I use a copal 1 shutter and this required a couple of thin washers filed out to the right diameter to sit between the lens board and the shutter, otherwise the lever for viewing with the shutter open will not fit (some people have just filed it to fit instead)

Finally I didn't have a curved shutter cord adaptor to get out of the recess so I took an old and dead 35mm camera to bits, ripped out the shutter release and taped it onto the front of my lens board (one day I'll get around to screwing it on). I then taped a bit of the inner plastic of a biro just below it and ran a paper clip bent to a flat Z shape onto the shutter release. Works fine.

Matt Brain
9-Apr-2002, 16:33
In previous reply the Copal 1 should have been Copal 0