View Full Version : monocular folding viewer ? anyone?

ashley mackevicius
11-Aug-2010, 04:24
Hello all, first time poster here so excuse any dumb questions of mine. I have seen on a popular auction site a folding monocular reflex viewing hood that fits a Horseman ( I have a 45 FA ). These are obviously not original equipment so I am sceptical. Has anyone had any experience with one. Seems fab in concept - folding, lightweight, and not too expensive. Is it too good to be true ? Thanks in advance.

11-Aug-2010, 06:06
They are great. I use one for most of my shots (toyo version). You won't have to use a darkcloth as much. Not so useful for wide angle shots however, due to the hot spot in the fresnel. Make sure it folds up compactly and is easy to remove in the field for when you want to use a ground glass magnifier.