View Full Version : 3x4 B&w Film

Jeff Morfit
9-Aug-2010, 04:25
Does anyone know where I can now purchase 3x4 film since Film for Classics no longer sells directly to customers? Thanks for any and all information.

Chuck Pere
9-Aug-2010, 05:15

Efke 100 is a nice film. I use it for 9x12cm.

Well that link didn't work right. Search the Freestyle sheet film list for 3x4 and you will find it.

Oren Grad
9-Aug-2010, 08:46
It's also included in the annual Ilford special order, although this year's order period has passed.

Jeff Morfit
9-Aug-2010, 11:14
When will Ilford have their special order period for 2011, Oren?

Oren Grad
9-Aug-2010, 11:57
In recent years they've been doing it in late spring. The film gets cut sometime over the summer as production schedules allow, and it's delivered in September.

So this year's orders are in, and we're waiting for delivery.