View Full Version : Sheet film processor

Roy Menzies
6-Aug-2010, 12:00
Hi, I am new to this and hope I am in the right place. Has anyone used a Clarimat Universal system for 4x5 film? It is a light-tight box with a temp-controlled water jacket and 3 compartments for dev, stop,fix. Basically simple, but how do you get the hangers in the tank in one go so the development starts simultaneously? Any help will be appreciated. Roy

Jay DeFehr
6-Aug-2010, 13:14
I don't know the processor, but if you remove the films from the developer in the sane order you put them in, they will all get the same development. A few seconds +\- won't make much difference. Good luck!

Roy Menzies
6-Aug-2010, 22:21
Thanks Jay, that sounds totally logical! (It's been many, many years since I last processed film, and then only 120 film in a spiral tank). Can't wait to have a go.