View Full Version : Scala and Pyro

Rick A
6-Aug-2010, 05:29
I recently acquired some Scala and was curious if anyone has tried developing it in Pyrocat-HD (or other developer for negative). I'm not interested in processing it as a positive, I have some reversal chemistry, but wonder how it would print as a neg. i dont scan, I am strictly silver gelatin paper and chems kinda guy. What ISO would be a good place to start, any info would be greatly appreciated.


Scott Knowles
6-Aug-2010, 07:47
Is it fair to assume they're 4x5 sheets of Scala? If so, which I don't know how to process them as negatives (I shoot 35mm rolls as positives), and you find you aren't interested in using them, I'd be interested in acquiring them.

Rick A
6-Aug-2010, 08:56
I have both 4x5 sheet and 120 roll film, and I just acquired it myself. I am just looking to shoot and develope the stuff, unless you are offering me a reasonable amount of money(or equitable trade) to part with said film.