View Full Version : 65mm lens with Sinar shutter

5-Aug-2010, 08:53
I have a 65mm lens and want to use it with a Sinar DB board and shutter. Is there any way?

5-Aug-2010, 09:49
It will depend on the lens -the old f/8 Super Angulon can be used fairly well with sinar shutter, being tiny and not having enough coverage for movements to start with. I don't have another 65mm, but going by my experience with other superwides, most newer superwides will not do, the problems ranging from compromised (falloff or loss of movements due to shutter decreasing the image circle) to plain impossible (lens too deep or no focusing to infinity possible).

5-Aug-2010, 13:30
I think it needs Sinar 4X5 Wide Angle Bellows II. Not the usual WA bellows.