View Full Version : Arca Swiss F 8x10 Experience

Jim Bancroft
23-Apr-2002, 20:36

Does anyone have experience using the current version Arca f-line 8x10 camera? I'd be very interested in how the camera behaves (e.g. setup, stability, weight, precision...)in actual use. Thanks,


Peter Shier
24-Apr-2002, 00:37
I've had the F-line 8x10 for almost a year and I love it. I had a 4x5 F-line before that so the choice was a no-brainer as I can share some of the mounted lenses and rails. The only very minor complaint I have is that the spring on the back is sometimes a bit quirky and I always double check it after inserting a film holder to make sure that it is snug. I have only been using it for portraits in the studio so I can't comment on field use.