View Full Version : can anyone help with this Voigtlander lens please....?

Andrew Plume
4-Aug-2010, 07:20
dear all, particularly the forum's many lens guru's

I've a fairly heavy f4 portrait Euryscop III No5 s/n 61897

From the end of the lens hood to the end of the rear element, it measures 190cm, with the rear element having an outside width of 96mm

it c/w one w/stop marked f4/f6.3 and is mounted on a 6 1/2" sq board, so unless I'm way out of the ball park, it seems to be a fast lens for the weight.......??

Because of the weight none of my cameras have a sufficiently supportive front standard, so I've never been able to use it - if anyone has any idea what the focal length is and the maximum format that it would cover, then I'd be very grateful

as an aside the glass is A1 and there are no chips, haze, balsam separation etc etc

I've looked at other Euryscope sales on here and unless I've missed one (or two), there have been sales for it's cousins but not this version. I'd also be very interested if anyone has any info on recent sales

grateful thx indeed


4-Aug-2010, 07:43
The catalog here shows a number 5A series III covers 10x12 with a 13 inch focal length:

Andrew Plume
4-Aug-2010, 08:42

excellent indeed, many thx

regards, andrew

Ole Tjugen
4-Aug-2010, 09:09
Ehrm - if it's marked "5" and not "5A", it isn't that lens.

There are several variations, and in some cases the "domestic" and "export" versions were differently marked. Note that the "Third Series" in that link is f/4.5 and not f/4; as well as being marked (e.g.) "5A" instead of only "5".

But since you know the max aperture, and can measure the pupil diameter without stop inserted, the focal length will simply be that diameter x 4.

Either way, it's a very fast portrait Aplanat, also known as a Rapid Rectilinear (although there are differences beyond the name).

Andrew Plume
4-Aug-2010, 09:14

Thanks indeed - grateful for your excellent input too



Steven Tribe
4-Aug-2010, 09:41
For comparison, you can look at the No. 5 listed to-day by a certain Australian gent (again?) - you know where!

4-Aug-2010, 15:14
Yes, the designations seemed to change a lot over the years with Voigtlanders. I've got a 5A that is an F3.7 Petzval! The earliest ones were not even called Euryscops. Many are found without a number designation. It's really hard to know, but like it was said above, measure the focal length and aperture and look at the catalogs to get close.

Andrew Plume
5-Aug-2010, 02:52
thx again Garrett for your added comments - I've exchanged pm's with Steven too, so I'm pretty well up to date on what I need