View Full Version : Quick Chamonix question

4-Aug-2010, 04:32
Is the back/ground glass on the 45n-2 able to be rotated for vertical shots?



David Aimone
4-Aug-2010, 05:17

Brian Ellis
4-Aug-2010, 08:09
Rotating but not revolving, i.e. you remove the back from the camera, change its orientation, and put it back on the camera, as opposed to some cameras, e.g. Linhof Technikas, where the back remains on the camera while it's turned. An insignificant difference IMHO since it takes only a few seconds to remove and replace the back but some people seem to care.

4-Aug-2010, 09:42
Thanks guys!

Scott Page
4-Aug-2010, 18:55
I must go home an play with mine. Just got it yesterday and it did not seem possible to do as suggested. The hinge to the baseplate seemed permanently attached.

Scott Page
4-Aug-2010, 19:33
Ok, just played with it. Took me a minute to find the little levers, but it is indeed, very easy to rotate the back. Much easier than on my Sinar.