View Full Version : What is Kodak Professional Ultraline Film?

3-Aug-2010, 17:04
There is an auction on EBAY for 400 sheets (16x20 no less!) of Kodak Professional Ultraline Film


The seller has no idea what this stuff is, and neither does Google.

Does anyone here know what this would be useful for? I would be interested if I could use it for landscapes, and develop in D-76!

3-Aug-2010, 17:14
In an old Ilford manual I have it refers to films with the word "line" in the title as useful for copying blueprints and other line based documents. Probably very high contrast?

Jim C.
3-Aug-2010, 18:37

It's hi contrast film for circuit boards

5-Aug-2010, 09:06
I found the English version of the Kodak tech sheet here (http://www.kodak.com/US/en/business/aim/industrial/techPubs/ti1891/ti1891.pdf).

Nathan Potter
5-Aug-2010, 19:00
This stuff is very high contrast with Ultraline developer. Was used by the guys doing PC boards. It's orthochromatic so sees blue and green in deference to red. Will cut off at 550 nm and the cutoff is sharp so not very useful for landscape work unless you are into special effects. You can get continuous tone negs by using a paper developer such as Selectol or the like, or even D76 at 1:6 or so. You'll have to experiment.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

17-Aug-2010, 12:00
I found the English version of the Kodak tech sheet here (http://www.kodak.com/US/en/business/aim/industrial/techPubs/ti1891/ti1891.pdf).

Hey thanks for providing this english version, i was searching for this.

19-Aug-2010, 09:24
No problem, id be interested to know if anyone finds it useable for camera film.